USA Training Program

Once you join LBIIHM, USA is not very far. Since 2007, we have tied up with various Agencies to send our deserving and desirous students to the USA for on-the-job Practical Training Exposure under US Government's Work & Travel Program

This program enables university students to work in American Companies during their vacations. As part of the program they get exposed to the culture and traditions of the United States. They are allowed to receive compensation from the American companies for which they are assigned jobs. The students are placed on the job prior to their departure; local support & supervision are also arranges for the students.

Started with 3 students in 2007, 11 students went to U.S.A for their training under WORK & TRAVEL PROGRAM form Aug'08 to Nov'08. These students not only earned handsome amount but got exposed to Seven Star Property (River Beau Billoxi) at Missisipi. The experience in itself was priceless, according them.

When students choose to go abroad, They are embarking upon live adventure to jumpstart their career. These adventures lead them to see places that they've never seen before, learn new skills and meet interesting people.

I am greatful to LBIIHM for giving me an international exposure and that too, the U.S.A. It was a dream come true experience for me.

-Ashish Rana

I am thankful to LBIIHM for giving such and exposure in U.S.A which added a great learning to my Skills.

-Gajender Singh

I was really lucky to get the opportunity of working abroad and experience the state of the art properties

-Rahul Singh

My work experience in the U.S.A had been altogether new and innovative. Truly enjoyed this learning therefore, wholeheartedly thank LBIIHM for the assistance provide by my institute to pursue my training overseas.

-Ashish RANA

I still can't believe that going to could have been so easy. I' m thankful to LBIIHM for its continuous

-Satender Singh

I am grateful to LBIIHM family which provided me such an exposure of practical knowledge and experience.

-Anoop Singh