Best Hotel Management Institute in Ranchi

Best Hotel Management Institute in Ranchi

LBIIHM is one of the best hotel management institute in Ranchi. The institute was established in 2003 and has earned a name and reputation in the field of hotel management within these years. 100% placement guarantee we have helped many students in starting their sparkling careers in the field of hotel management and hospitality. Our aim is to educate people in the field of management with our innovative and practical approach. We focus on both classroom and practical knowledge to help students develop skills sets to be successful in the field of hotel management. 

How to choose the right hotel management course? 

If you are looking for the right hotel management course and are confused about where to go? There are a few factors and aspects that you need to keep in mind before joining any hotel management institute:

  1. Have a look at the post-module that a particular institute is offering. Because you are looking for it, it is available with them and covers every aspect of hotel management in their curriculum.
  2. Always look for an institute that offers you a great placement ratio and has a good reputation in the market. Getting your degree from a reputed college helps you to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Another respect that you need to keep in mind is the student-teacher ratio. Make sure the institute you are choosing has sufficient faculty members available to deal with students' queries. 
  4. Look for an institute that offers you the best facilities and curriculum within your budget. Get complete knowledge about the entire expense of this particular degree program. 
  5. Make sure that your college is accredited by NAAC, which is the higher education accredits in the country.

Why choose our hotel management institute in Ranchi? 

Our hotel management institute in Ranchi offers you comprehensive hotel management and hospitality course. We have a blend of classroom knowledge and a practical approach. Whether you are looking for a hotel management course that includes an MSc in hotel management and tourism for two years or BSc in hotel administration and a hospitality course for three years, we offer all. Besides, we have other short-term courses in cooking and baking. Our course has both technical knowledge and operational skill to train the students in the right direction. We all know that hotel management requires a confident and charming personality. So, we focus on grooming students into professional leaders. 

Our courses are a blend of classroom knowledge and practical training. We focus on developing students' learning, expertise, and overall personality development of the student. Personality plays a crucial role in the field of management and hospitality. So, we teach students about the ethics and morals of the business. 

We have station guest lectures and mentoring sessions for personality development. We organize workshops and guest lectures by the most renowned professionals in the field. Their experiences and learning help one to understand this industry better. 

There is no doubt that there is a cut to cut competition in every field, and hotel management is also not far behind. So, to excel in this field, you need to have the correct practical technical and operational knowledge and skill set. Our course modules are designed in a way to help you get well boards knowledge about every aspect of this field.

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