Top Hotels Management Institute in Pitampura

Top Hotels Management Institute in Pitampura

Get admission to one of the most renowned hotels management Institute in Pitampura. LBIIHM or Lakshya Bharti Institute of International Hotel Management is perfect for learning and growing in the hotel management and hospitality industry. 

We blend traditional model hospitality education with hands-on learning internships to understand how the hotel management and hospitality industry works. We have one of the best infrastructures, meeting all the International and National standards. Our classrooms are well equipped with LCD projectors, and the other kitchen has all the modern and basic lab setup required. We here offer practical lab experience and knowledge to the students.

What our hotel management Institute in Pitapuram offers?

Here is what we offer at our hotel Management Institute in Pitampura: 

  1. We offer you specialized Hotel Management courses recognized by the government. 
  2. We have the best placement records in the leading hotels. 
  3. Expert professionals prepare the course modules. 
  4. All our faculty members are globally trained and have International work experience is well.  
  5. We have the finest facilities and infrastructure for every student. 
  6. There is a guest lecture by renowned professionals.
  7. We offer you both learning lessons and practical knowledge.  
  8. Here, we believe in building the overall personality of the students. So they are personality development classes in lectures as well.

Your journey here will be worth memorable. You will learn and grow with the guidance of our faculty. Our entire course is a blend of practical, theoretical, and live knowledge sessions. So, get enrolled in LBIIHM in an easy and hassle-free manner. All you have to do is fill the form online or download the pdf version and send it to us at our office in Pushpanjali. 

So, begin your new journey towards excellence with us.