Message From The Director

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LBIIHM was established in the year 2003. As we all know that "Tourism" flourished to a great height with the advent of Globalization in India in the year 1991, Globalization also brought with it a "boom in technology". Computers started making international access easier. The demand for Properties at affordable rates also started increasing. Considering the growing demands of the Tourists, countries across the world in a stead¬fast manner started establishing Properties. This eventually necessitated qualified and skilled manpower. Therefore for the past 12 years, we have been working very hard with our team of professionals to produce quality Hospitality students.

LBIIHM is also serving as a major platform for the Hospitality students to acquire jobs both in India and Abroad. We regularly conduct "Campus Interviews". To give the students a good level of exposure in the "Hospitality Industry", students are being placed as trainees in renowned Properties in Delhi and the NCR region so that they could learn the nuances of the Hospitality Sector.

Also, in the recent years, we have been able to send our students to the USA, Europe and Dubai wherein their performances have been greatly appreciated. I can proudly say that now, we enjoy a good reputation internationally. Over the time, we are receiving more and more offers from Abroad.

LBIIHM has been working out strategies to "open up" more institutes in other parts of India.

I am a visionary and truly believe in the bright future of the students.

I am also a true admirer of inquisitiveness among the learners as this is what is predominant in today's competitive work culture.

So join us with a "Dream" and we will make you realise it

Hospitably yours.

Kamal Kumar