• Graduates will expect to be hired in Supervisory/Managerial positions in hotels, restaurants, catering companies, travel agencies, airline companies and many other related businesses. Graduates of INC have the added advantage of being able to continue their studies at Universities in Europe, the United States, Canada and other Universities around the world.
  • INC is committed to building an inclusive community and providing resources and support to help students learn, develop and grow in their pursuits outside of the classroom, INC offers a variety of services and support to students seeking to increase their level of involvement within the College.
  • Through a variety of activities such as clubs and societies the College encourages student involvement which supports their success and enhances learning and development.

InterNapa College (INC), Cyprus and LBHHM, India are collaborating to offer students the opportunity to continue their studies at INC. Students who have completed four or six semester at LBIIHM are eligible to transfer to the INC Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality & Tourism Management up to 60 credits. Students coming to INC will be able to carry out internship (up to three summers) work after two semesters in Cyprus at leading hotels in this area.

INC is located in the Ayia Napa area of Cyprus, one of the major tourist resorts of Europe.

  • InterNapa college (INC), Cyprus, is a private institution of tertiary education registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus to award its own Bachelor, Higher Diploma and qualifications.
  • INC is an established educational institution and has received wide acceptance for its academic standards. The target remains to maintain a high standard of education and continue to develop as Cypriot tertiary educational college.

The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality & Tourism Management is an academic program offering students an education in specialized courses in Hospitality & Tourism, Business and Foreign Language requirements as well as other courses in computers, Math and other courses in General Education. Additionally the program offers the practical know-how needed to succeed in the hotel, restaurant and tourism business.

The program offers the practical know-how needed to succeed in the hotel, restaurant and tourism business. It follows industry trends and reflects changing market needs. The program requirements have been formulated as to give students a strong sense of managerial responsibility as needed in hotels, restaurants and the tourist sector as we!! as the practical know-how essential to supervise and later manage potential empolyees efficiently. Students will benefit from academic study and practical courses from leading faculty with international experience and references for students who perform well and eager to progress in the exciting area of hospitality and tourism.


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